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Meet the Committee

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Hi, I'm Jon from Frisky_puppet, formerly Team-Tonka. I am the president of the Oz GeoMuster 2018.
I have been geocaching for the past 6 years and in that time I have found just over 1500 caches. What I love about geocaching is being able to go out caching when it suits me for as long or as little as I like. I like attending events to catch up with other players, and finding a new place or hidden gem that I didn’t know about and possibly wouldn’t have found without a cache being placed there. I placed my first geocache back in 2012, but have found my real passion is running unique style events in the area. My favourite event is the Havoc @ the Manor event held every year around halloween. I love to see a community of like minded people gathering together to make positive and long-lasting memories. I really look forward to seeing you all at the Muster next year, and I'm excited to see and hear about your journey as you travel too and around our beautiful part of this great country.
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Hi my name is Warren, and my geocaching name is Marcus Vitruvius. I am the Vice President of the Oz GeoMuster committee, as well as the Vice President of Geocaching NSW. I have been geocaching for just over 10 years, and in that time, have found a little over 15,000 caches with 135 of those being events, 10 of which have been mega events. I love getting out and finding caches which haven’t been found in a while, as well as remote or adventurous types of caches. I believe the best places on earth are the ones you can only walk to! The thing I love about geocaching is that it really does have something for everyone, and a big event is the perfect way to bring all those people together. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Oz GeoMuster.
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Hi! I'm The Aussie Geocacher, Seemyshell. I have been caching since early 2014, and am hoping to make the Muster my 4000 milestone! I'm on the Oz Geomuster committee where my main role is to promote the event through my YouTube and Periscope channels, and also monitor social media..
My biggest caching achievement is my daily streak. As I write this I just found my 738th consecutive cache with no plans to stop anytime soon! My favourite caches are the ones I can share with others, either in person or online. I enjoy geocaching because it takes me to new places, keeps me active, and has been the source of many new friendships locally and across the globe. Stay tuned to see all the great surprises the Oz GeoMuster has planned! Can't wait to meet you there! Woohoohoo!
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Hi my name is Mark, and my geocaching name is DOC-WHO. I'm on the OzGeomuster 2018 committee. I've been Geocaching since APR-2012. I discovered geocaching on a documentary tv show made in England about a year earlier, made a note on my phone and then totally forgot about it until I found that note, and I just joined up and off I went!
I've found or attempted roughly 2,500 caches now, and I think the appeal for me is that it combines exploring & treasure hunting. It's not often I've come across other cachers out in the field, but I've usually ended up being good friends with them all. Geocaching offers me so many challenging options because as you may know there are so many ways to play the game such as stats, goals, collecting, badges, and swaps. I love to combine my hiking & kayaking into a geocache-rewarding adventure the most. See you all at the Event !
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Hi my name is Dan and I am the other half of Chippyroo. I am an Oz Geomuster committee member. We have over 5000 finds and have been caching since 2010.
I love off road caches. Anywhere I can take our third team member, the Geolux! I love meeting new and diverse people who share the love of this great game.
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Hi my name is Rach and I am one half of Chippyroo. I am the Oz Geomuster's secretary. We’ve been caching since 2010 and have over 5000 finds.
I used to be a geologist so my favourite Caches are Earthcaches. I especially enjoyed the Earthcaches we found in New Zealand in 2011 as I find igneous rocks fascinating.
I prefer these much more than searching for nanos in the bush.
Whenever we travel anywhere we do what we call “Navigate by cache”. We actually choose places to visit based on the caches located there.
Im looking forward to putting faces to names in logs at the Muster.
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Hi my name is Kathy, my geocaching name is Mighty Minions. I am the treasurer for the OzGeomuster 2018. I have 4 children, and have been caching since 2013. I have been to 4 Mega Events and currently have found almost 1700 caches! I love the places caching takes me, and the wonderful people I have met by doing this great hobby (addiction). I can be extremely shy when I first meet people, so caching has helped me make many new friends, and has pushed me to do things I wouldn't normally do. It continues to take me outside my comfort zone physically and mentally. I recently completed my first D/T loop which is an achievement I am very proud of. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the event!
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